Working Group 4


Dissemination and Entrepreneurship

WG4 will identify the “target audiences” that may benefit from the results obtained by the proposed action network and will exchange information with Research Institutes, Centres of Excellence, Cell culture and Biotechnology industries as well as Academic Authorities, implementing scientific expertise within Europe. A key aspect of WG4 activity is aimed at translating the research into a dissemination strategy that will reach local, regional and national health Authorities and Policy Makers, trying to fill the gap between specialized research activities and non-specialized people. The WG will prepare Newsletters to encourage collaboration and synergies A dedicated website and an “ad hoc” Facebook page will implement open discussion and share information on 3D cell guidance in vitro models. The Group will be in charge of early stage researchers training to present their research to children in local school and will set up “café scientifique” where to approach the public in a relaxed, informal atmosphere and encourage discussion and feedbacks on selected topics related to the Action.
Since the Action topic is a very new and cutting edge research that may find application in many different fields, from health sector to bio technology, one of WG4 mission will be to try and inspire many young scientists to become future entrepreneurs and attempt to establish their own “Small and medium-sized enterprise” (SME) and apply their scientific knowledge to create wealth and now jobs for EU.
All WGs will contribute to the production of a book in the final year of the COST Action for further dissemination of the Action achievements.

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