Working Group 1


3-D Cultures and Bioprinting

WG1 will define complex ex vivo culture systems that may successfully replace the inefficient, low physiological 2-D in vitro models, typically provided by a static environment, with homogenous cell populations, cultured on two-dimensional (2-D) plastic or glass substrates. The Group will design new organoid-like in vitro culture systems by combining 3-D printing technology and different cell culture protocols, aimed to reproduce in vitro models that closely mimic the physiological conditions of the specific tissues and organs. The obtained cultures will be characterized with analytical methods and tools that can work within the depth of 3D-tissue constructs to get the most information from 3D samples, through dedicated instruments (life confocal imaging with deep penetration optics in the z-axis and related software) and will be validated in vivo with the adequate tests.

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